Welcome to Aegis Wireless Monitoring for Healthcare

Aegis 24/7 wireless monitoring solutions are built to to give you piece of mind by using your current WiFi network to monitor areas such as pharmacy, labfood service and surgical suites.

You can monitor your refrigeration, ultra low freezers,  incubators, warmers, ambient conditions and any other sensitive equipment.

The video below will provide you with a brief overview of our system:


Temperature monitoring using WiFi saves money

  • Avoid the frustration and expense of building an entire 900MHz network.
  • Aegis Wireless Monitoring utilizes your existing wireless network.

Stay in Joint Commission and FDA compliance

  • You are now able to quickly and easily generate reports during an inspection.
  • You no longer need to keep bulky, incomplete paper logs.

Cost effective for one or thousands of locations

  • Never pay set licenses with unlimited users and locations.
  • Since it is web based it does not require any client software to be installed.
  • Can be accessed by any computer with a browser.


To kick-off our new web site design and direction, we wanted to make this important government “Toolkit” available to you. You can download the CDC’s Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit here directly, no registration required.

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You can’t turn on a television or pick up a newspaper without reading about some new strain of infectious bacteria or virus. People are turning to the government and healthcare professionals to protect their health more than ever before.

Vaccine storage and monitoring is on the forefront of these discussions. So much so that the Centers for Disease Control has produced a how-to manual, the Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit, to help develop best practices.

Can you spot the difference between good and bad vaccine?

can you spot the difference?

Image: Center for Disease Control

“Excessive heat, cold, or light exposure can damage vaccines, resulting in reduced potency. Once potency is lost, it cannot be restored. Each time vaccines are exposed to improper conditions, potency is reduced further. Eventually, if the cold chain is not properly maintained, potency will be lost, and the vaccines become useless.” (CDC Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit)

Where to go for updated CDC information including webinars and other educational offerings

Additional information is available on CDC’s Vaccine Storage and Handling webpage

Educational programs related to Vaccine Storage and Handling

If you have questions, contact your state/local immunization program

You can also send questions to CDC