Aegis 24/7 Monitoring Solutions

Aegis 24/7 wireless monitoring systems are  designed for your most stringent requirements using state of the art hardware and technologies.

What makes the Aegis system unique.

Aegis 24/7 Monitoring Systems provide a total comprehensive solution using the latest wireless monitoring technology.  Utilizing your current WiFi (802.11) network, this cost effective system is scalable regardless of the size of your facility and number of monitors you require.

The Aegis 24/7 Monitoring System is designed to monitor all of your temperature sensitive areas and equipment. The Aegis software identifies temperature and other vital information and wirelessly transmits the data to the Aegis portal.

Should any monitored systems fall out of range, immediate notification is transmitted to the designated personnel by way of e-mail, text message or by using a contracted call center.

Genius in its simplicity, exceptional in its capabilities.  Aegis 24/7 Monitoring Systems provide an easy-to-use, intuitive solution designed to fit your needs.

System Overview


temperature grid

The Aegis 24/7 System can be summed up with two words:  Sensors and Hardware.

It is that simple since we are using the WiFi network you have already made a significant investment in. The sensors transmit extremely small packets of information over your pre-existing WiFi access points to the computer running the Aegis 24/7 monitoring software.

Whoever you designate can then easily access the information with a web-browser without having to install any additional software. It’s that easy, no second 900Mhz network, no running wires and no client software to install.

Our sensors incorporate the latest low-power WiFi sensing technology, while taking in to consideration basic aesthetics.

Installation is straight forward and can easily be moved. The on-board flash memory will store data even if the network is temporarily unavailable.

Software : Multiple Solutions

With the ability to offer 4 configurations of our software, the Single User Desktop and Multi User/Location Enterprise, we are able to accommodate a small lab with one unit to a world wide network of locations. By using WiFi and standards that are in place world wide we can offer simple to install and easily expandable solutions.

Standard Features:

  • Easy to Use
  • Graphing
  • Visual Mapping
  • Data Exporting (CSV)
  • Battery Life Indicators
  • Signal Strength indicator
  • Customizable safe temperature ranges
  • Text (SMS) or Email Alarms
  • To read or download a full list of features for both versions click here

Hardware : Sensors and Probes

Our sensors incorporate the latest low-power WiFi sensing technology and have on-board flash memory that will store your data even if the network is temporarily unavailable. Once the network becomes available it will then upload all the data it has collected to insure your reports are complete.

All this processing and communications power, with one single 3.6V lithium battery (that can last up to 3 years on average), in a clean and simple to install transmitter.

Since it is 100% wireless the Aegis 24/7 monitoring system can be easily modified and expanded as your organization grows.

With a small form factor they can be placed in any tight spaces and are not intrusive.

For areas that are more difficult we have extended cables for some probes (up to 50 feet). Our transmitters for temperature can be purchased with an on-board sensor (ambient) or a tethered probe and we offer units with the capability of having two probes to monitor two separate environments.

Being able to handle temperatures form -198c to +150c, our probes are designed for some of the harshest environments. The most common items monitored are refrigerators, freezers and incubators but since we also offer CO2, power and humidity sensors, we can satisfy virtually all your temperature monitoring needs.

Maintenance : Easy to Maintain and cost effective

The system requires very little maintenance. Our sensors are powered by a single user replaceable battery that lasts for 3-5 years (with normal transmission setting). The backbone of the system is your WiFi network that is already being maintained by your IT department and with our multiple software configurations you may not even need an onsite computer.

Options : With all that what could be optional?

We do have three optional items:

1) For those departments or facilities that need to meet the strictest guidelines we offer traceable NIST Certifications (by a third party). If you should need yearly certification we also offer a service to avoid down time.

2) Since we recommend that you measure the product temperature not the air temperature, this will reduce the number of false alarms and give you a true representation of the product, we normally recommend the use of a small bottle containing Glycol. If you do not have these already, we stock probes with Glycol bottles already attached making it easier to install and maintain.

3) If you should need custom modifications to the software we will be happy to discuss with you the process and costs.

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