aegis wireless monitoring for museums

Aegis Scientific 24/7 wireless monitoring is designed for the most stringent museum requirements, using state-of-the-art hardware and technology

Priceless history needs to be cared for

Many historical items and artifacts are sensitive to temperature and humidity. As a museum curator or exhibit manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure these items are protected. We can monitor the environment around your precious and often priceless items whether they are on display or in secure storage. Our system is designed to be completely non-intrusive and will not obscure or interfere with your exhibit.

Do you rely on controlled temperature environments?

Our expertise in temperature monitoring is not limited to just the medical and healthcare professions. Through the evolution of our services we’ve been contacted by many other types of industries who require environmental supervision.

The flexibility of the Aegis Monitoring System is a perfect fit for any environmentally controlled area in any industry or residential location.

With our sensors covering not only temperature and humidity but power, wetness and CO2, we can not only cover your sensitive areas and valuable equipment but can save you man hours and prevent costly losses.

You may even save energy and be more preemptive by using our power sensor, by keeping track of spikes and changes in consumption for a particular piece of equipment’s power use or gage the power use of a department.


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