Keeping Information Technology Investments Cool!

Aegis 24/7 Wireless Monitoring for Information technologyFrom server farms to data closets, one of the biggest enemies of technology is heat.

Millions of dollars are spent on systems to keep these areas cool and constant temperature monitoring is crucial.

Our Aegis 24/7 wireless monitoring system integrates directly into your IT  infrastructure you are able to utilize our technology for your temperature management.

Our modular system allows you to obtain accurate temperature readings not just in the room, but right in the racks themselves.

Small data closets can be difficult to properly ventilate causing risky temperature increases and spikes. Taking the proper steps to monitor these areas can prevent costly overheating issues.

Do you rely on controlled environments?

Our expertise in temperature monitoring is not limited to just the medical and healthcare professions.

Through the evolution of our services we’ve been contacted by many other types of industries who require environmental supervision.

The flexibility of the Aegis Monitoring System is a perfect fit for any environmentally controlled area in any industry or residential location.

With our sensors covering not only temperature and humidity but power, wetness and CO2, we can not only cover your sensitive areas and valuable equipment but can save you man hours and prevent costly losses.

You may even save energy and be more preemptive by using our power sensor, by keeping track of spikes and changes in consumption for a particular piece of equipment’s power use or gage the power use of a department.

Below you will find a few of the different industries we can support.


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