Aegis Monitoring in Healthcare and Research

Our products are designed to meet or exceed the most stringent requirements, using state of the art hardware and standard technologies.

Keeping your cool has never been easier

Don’t risk losing valuable samples, inventory, medication or research again. Manual tracking and recording of environmental conditions, besides being a cumbersome task, also allows for a margin of error.

Aegis monitoring in laboratoryNever be out of compliance with Joint Commission Standards with our Aegis 24/7 Monitoring System. Cover all areas of your facility, on or off campus via your already installed WiFi infrastructure.

You will have real-time access to all operations and data from any networked computer. At a glance you will know that all systems are in range or if there is an issue that was not attended to and with the ability to run reports, view graphs and enter corrective actions the system will enable you to spend more time engaged in more productive activities.

Our Enterprise system is web-based and able to be accessed from any networked computer, while our desktop solution works with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Your coverage never sleeps.

Once installed, our Aegis 24/7 Monitoring System is designed to work without user intervention. Total coverage is yours, at all times, with immediate notification should any area being monitored fall out of range. Your designated administrator(s) will receive an e-mail, text message and/or phone call from a call center.

The Aegis Monitoring system is also a valuable partner in many other areas of the hospital campus offering

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Pharmacy – Lab – IT – Maintenance – Food service – Operating Suite – Remote Clinics

Any area that requires climate control is the perfect partner for the centralized wireless monitoring system that Aegis provides. It’s easy to install, simple to use and extremely cost effective.

Imagine the cost of replacing costly vaccines or medications, hundreds of patient samples or years of research due to a cold storage malfunction. Equipment failure occurs across all industries, Aegis Monitoring protects your investments.

Aegis understands that simplicity is the key to proper utilization.  We achieve this in the most user-friendly way possible while still adhering to the strict requirements the medical industry dictate.

Our Goal

At Aegis Monitoring we are 100% committed to providing you with outstanding customer service.  From your initial consultation to system implementation we will guide you through the process of establishing wireless temperature control.

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